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Location Giovio Globe Inscription Meractor (Other) Inscription Translation Image
South Atlantic (at top of scroll) Europ(a)e aliquot insigniorum civitatum nomina, qu(a)e suis inseri locis angustia operis prohibuit. Same The names of a number of indications of European cities, which are impossible to insert due to the narrowness of available space.
  Mare Crontum vel Amalchium: hoc est congelatum. Same The Crontum Sea, or the Amalchium Sea: it is frozen.
Northern Russia/ Arctic Ocean   Iubra regio ex qua hungaros produsse volut. Same Iubra, a region from which the Hungarians probably came
Western Arctic Siberia Alchai mons regum Tartariae sepulchru-m. Same Mount Alchai, the burial place of the Kings of Tartary
Eastern Siberia Hodie utraque Scythia cum Sarmatia Asiana dicitur Tartaria. Same Today Scythia, with Asian Sarmatia, is called Tartary
  Hic [mupinunter?] transeundo per Caroana qualam spirites decipientes peregrinas falso indicantes et visa secum in{gr}ediuntur desertum ut despruantur Not on Mercator globe. Refer to Special Inscriptions Table. Here, where the caravans cross, may live some kind of deceptive spitits that give false directions to travelers who are led into the desert and disappear.
Northern China Hic est desertum arenosum. Same Here is a sandy desert
  Cathay, regnum opulentissum. Same Cathay, a very opulent kingdom
Centeral China Cassia, regio Carcham: Haitono nota quam M. P. Venetus Cassar vocat. .  Same Cassia, the region of Carcham: known to  Haitono which Marco Polo the Venetian called Cassar
Sounthern China Nauigui, regio amoena et dives. Same Nauigui, a pleasant and rich region
  Quinsay, id est civitates coeli. Same Quinsay, that is the cities of heaven.
  Quansu flu qui 16 provincias perlabitur, ac 200 curciter civitates alluit.  Same The Quansu river flows through 16 provinces, and waters 200 cities in its course
  Chalcidis regio in qu(a)e aeris minerae plurim(a)e sipiberis. Same not yet translated
South China Sea Mangi, nobilissima provincia 9 habet in se regna et 1200 civitates, evicta est a Tartarorum Imper. Cublai anno 1268.  Inter Mangi autem et Zipangri insulam 7588 numerates ait a nautis insulis.  M. Paul. Venetus Lib. 3, cap. 8. Same Mangi, a most noble province, which has 9 kingdoms and 1200 cities, it was conquered by the Emperor of the Tartars Kubla in the year 1268; also between Mangi and Zipangri there are numbered 7448 places which sailors call islands.
  Tamos promontorium Pomp. Melae, quod a Paulo Orofio videtur dici Samara. Same Tamos, the cape of Pomp. Melae, which was called Samara when seen by Paulo Orofio. 
  Ylhas de Carvalhusto Satyrorum insul(a)e Ptol dict(a)e.  Same The Islands of Carvalhust, called the Islands of the Satyrs by Ptolomy
Eastern Pacific Zipangri insula gemis atque auro longe ditissima, frustra obsidione tentata a magno Cham Cublai Tartororum impe anno 1289. Same The Island of Zipangri, which has been long very rich in gems and gold, blocked the attack by Cham Kubla, emperor of the Tartars, in the year 1289. 
Cenreral Pacific Present, but somewhat indistinct on the Giovio Globe Infortunat(a)e insul(a)e a Magellano invent(a)e 1520 The Unfortunate islands, discovered by Magellan in 1520.

In his insule nascuntur Omnia genera Aromatica

Only partially ligible on Giovio Globe. Full Transcription from Rome Globe

Not on Mercator globe. Refer to Special Inscriptions Table.

In these islands grow all types of spices.

  Iava maior cuius incol(a)e antropophagi sunt. Same Greater Java, whose inhabitants are cannibals
Indian Ocean, off Ceylon Hac in insula nascuntur Rubiini Zapsiri Granate, Tapacy et Iazini (?) Not on Mercator globe. Refer to Special Inscriptions Table. "In this isalnd are found (?) rubies, saphires, garnets, topaz and jasper (?)"
Southern Indian Ocean Zamzibar, visa insula sed nondum perlustrata. Same Zanzibar, an island which has been seen but not yet explored
East Africa

Hic presbyter Joannes tenet eius filios cum custodia militum

Hamaharis (?) regia Prestoroannis

Note: this legend appears well to the north of The GG legend. See the Special Inscriptions Table for a better fit.


Mostly illegible on Giovio Globe. Transcription from Rome Globe.

Here Prester John keeps his sons under the guard of soldiers.

North Central Africa


Niger transit hinc sub terra per 60 miliaria. Not on Mercator globe. Refer to Special Inscriptions Table. Here the Niger (River) continues underground for 60 miles
  Hic sunt vast(a)e solitudines et deserta leonibus, tigridibus, pardis, et elephantibus abundantia. Same Here are vast expanses of solitude, and a desert with a great abundance of lions, tigers, panthers, and elephants
Southeast North America Hispania maior, capta anno 1530. Same Greater Spain, captured in the year 1530.
Western North America Hic reperuntur tauri et vacc(a)e habentes dorsum instax gambeli pectus vero et gulam ad modum leonis, reliquant corporis ut nostui Not on Mercator globe. Refer to Special Inscriptions Table. Here we find bulls and cows that have backs like a gambeli (camel?) and (?) chests and throats like a lion and the rest of the body like our [bulls and cows?].
Northern South America Ciamba regio aurifera. Same Ciamba, a region rich in gold
Centeral South America Huiusmodi alit haec terra animal sub pectore habens receptaculum quo fetus recondit quos non nisi lactandi gratia promit Same This land nourishes an animal of this kind, which has a pouch beneath its chest in which its offspring hides until it takes it out to feed it. 
Southern South America AMERICA: a multis Nova India dicta. Same America: Called “New India” by many. 
Antartica (off Coast near Island of Zanzibar) Insulas hic uspiam esse testatur M. Paul. Venetus in quibus certo anni tempore ruc avis apparet tam vast(a)e magnitudinis ut elephantem in sublime attollat.  Same (Although within a scroll) Here Marco Polo claimed there to be islands where a Roc (Rukh) bird appeared at a certain time of the year, of such great size that it could carry an elephant aloft. 
Antartica (on Peninsular extending towards Indonesia Beach, provincia aurifera. Same Beach, a province rich in gold.
Antartica on peninsula extendng towards Africa Pfitacorum regio a Lusitanis anno 1500 ad milia passuum bis mille praetervectis sic appellata quod pistacos alat inauditae magnitudinis, ut qui ternos cubitos aequent longitudine.  Same The region of parrots, so-called by the Portuguese who passed by in the year 1500 [towards the 2000th mile?] because it held parrots of unheard size, that equaled three arms each in width
Antartica (near Pole) Quinta haec, et quidem amplissima pars quantum coniectare licet, nuper orbi nostro accessit, verum paucis adhuc littoribus explorata. Same This is the fifth, and the very most ample part, as far as one can tell, that we have reached on our globe only recently, and thus far, in truth,has only been explored truly on a few of its shores.