Giovio Globe Mercator Globe

With a few exceptions, along the West Coast of South America the Giovio Globe follows the toponomy of the Mercator Globe down to about 10 degrees S. latitude.  Below that point, where the Mercator Globe has no place names, the Giovio Globe has numerous place names that roughly correspond to those found on Gastaldi’s 1561 map. 

Of all the post Mercator 1541 explorations reflected on the Giovio Globe, those launched under the direction of Pedro Valdavia may be the latest.  In 1544, Juan Bautista Pastene coasted down to and named P. Valdavia, which may be found on the Giovio Globe. Valdivia, himself followed several years later. On the Chilian coast Below P. Valdivia and above C. Disiderato, the Giovio Globe identifies several features: I d luchan, R de mare, P orafes adn P corario. Theres features appear on the Gastaldi 1561 World map, as well. The source for these toponyms is unclear, but clearly some dissemination of Spanish exploration in southern Chilie must have ebeen disseminated in Europe before the Giovio Globe was made. One possible (late) source may be Pedro Cieza de Leon's Chronica del Peru published in Seville in 1553 and translated into Italian in 1555.