Giovio Globe Mercator Globe

The Amazon River and its tributaries, totally absent from the Mercator globe, are shown in surprising detail on the Giovio Globe, again with a configuration and toponomy very similar to those found on the Gastaldi 1561 world map and other Italian maps of the same era.  This configuration, which reflects Orellana’s intrepid decent in 1541-1542 and shows several branches of the great system, differs markedly from the stylized “snake” form found on many other contemporary maps (See the Guiterrez Map of 1562 or Mercator’s World Map of 1567). 

There are also some additional or different names along the bulging East Coast of present day Brazil. Also, further to the south,, the Giovio Globe differs in several other details from the Mercator globe of 1541, including locating a city of S. Anna (?) on the banks of the Rio de la Plate and the addition of several named islands at the mouth of the river.. The Giovio Globe also shows the city of Potosi, founded in 1546 and Lago Titicacha and Lago Tichicaso (present day Lake Poopo). All these places are also identified on Gastaldi's 1561 world map.