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The Giovio and Mercator Celestial Globes

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Giovio Globe
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Andromeda Andromeda Viewed from back with chains.
Serpens Anguis Held by Serpantarius
Antinuous Antinous Kneeling, viewed from the front. Not in Ptolemey, new with Vopel.
Aquarius Aquarius  
Aquila Aquila The eagle of Zeus, above Antinouos
altar Ara  
Argo Navis Argo Navis
Aries Aries The ram. 
Erichthonius Auriga The charioteer, viewed from the back. Note goat (identified as "Hircus") on left shoulder and the heads of two kids in left arm.
Cygnus Avis
Bootes Bubulcus The Bear Driver (with club), viewed fron back. Note vine eating goat springing from left arm..
unnamed Cancer Note the two little donkeys ("asini") within. Name possibly obscured by repair and repaint between Cancer's pincers.
unnamed Canicula Unnaned on Vopel's globe, as well. Note bright star, Procyon, identified.
Canis Major Canis Major
Capricornus Capricornus  
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia The Queen (of Ethopia) chained upside down by Hera
Centaurus Centaurus  
Cepheus Cepheus King(of Ethopia), wife of Cassiopeia, father of Andromeda, a family in the sky
Cetus Cetus The Wale (slain by Perseus in rescuring Andromeda)
[B]erenicies Crinis Circunnus Berenicies's Hair.  Not in Ptolomey.  New with Vopel.
Corona Austra Corona Australis Southern Crown
Corona  Corona Cnosia Northern crown (of Ariadine?)
Corvus Corvus The Crow.  Placed next to Hydra
Crater Crater The Cup (to be carried on instructions from Apollo ny Corvos)
Delphinus Delphinus  
Draco Draco The dragon
Equiculus Equus Small horse head behind Perseus
Fera Fera The wolf.  Sometimes Lupis.  Killed by the Centaur
Eridanus Flumen The River (Nile?).  Only partially visible in accompanying image
Gemini Gemini The Twins (Castor and Pollux)
Hercules Hercules Naked and seen from the back
Hydra Hydrus Water Snake (carried by Corvus)
Leo Leo
Lepus Lepus The Hare.
Libra Libra The Scales
Lyra Lyra The Lyre.  Here contained within the outline of a bird, as in Durer Star Map.
Orion Orion The Hunter
Pegasus Pegasus
Perseus Perseus The Hero, with sword and head of Medusa. Note named star (Haedia?) in right ankle.
Unnamed (actually Phaeton)   Phaeton, at end of Eridanus. Not included in Mercator or Vopel's Globes
Piscis Piscis The fish (plural)
Notius Piscis Piscis Meridonalis Southern Fish. 
Telum (?) Sagitta The Arrow.  "Telum" is javalin, spear, arrow, bolt, dart in Latin.  As in Durer.
Sagittarius Sagittarius The Archer
Scorpius Scorpius  
Serpantarius Serpantarius The Serpent Holder.  Sometime called Ophiuclus
Taurus Taurus  
Deltanon Triangulus  
Ursa Major Ursa Major  
Ursa Minor Ursa Minor  
Virgo Virgo The Virgin.
Galaxias Wide band that goes all around heavens.  Milky Way?
C[aput] Medusa Held by Perseus
Plaustrum Wagon or Oxcart within Ursa Major.  Modern Big Dipper
Nodus Knot connecting Piscis.
Praesepe Nebulous cluster inside of Cancer. Means "manger" or "crib."
asini The donkeys, in italian. Note different style of lettering!
ACARNAR Star, seated male nude at end of Fluven
Vergiliae Wife of Coriolanus. Here in center of Taurus (look for four little heads in zodiac ring)
SPICA Held by Virgo. 14th brightest star in the heavens
Areturus 4th brightest star in northern hemisphere - between Bootes' legs
Canopus Brightest Star in Argo Navis
PROCYON Brightest star in Canicula. Image link coming.
HIRCUS The Goat, at the left shoulder of Erichthonius. Also name for the cluster? Image link coming.
Haedia? At the right ankle of Perseus. Image link coming.

Also, at Southern Pole "Solstitio" and Near Southern Pole "Colurus" (term indicating a celestial sphere?).
Also, Tropicus Caprico, Tropicus Cabcri, Circulus Antarticus and Circulus Articus.
About 9 of 10 zodiac symbols not so accurately placed
Horizon Ring has Amphorea instead of Aquarius and the abrievation Caper for Capricorn.
Table of Ptolemaic Star Classification, but without any explanation