Giovio Globes

This site examines a pair of intriguing, but not yet fully identified, 16th Century globes, temporarily titled the Giovio Globes. The celestial Giovio Globe, with one important exception, is almost an exact copy of Caspar Vopel's celestial globe of 1536. The terrestrial Giovio Globe is based on Gerard Mercator’s 1541 globe, but is smaller in size.  Its geographical configuration, toponomy and legends closely follow the Mercator globe.  However, in certain regions, the Giovio Globe modifies Mercator’s geography to reflect important post 1541 Spanish explorations. 

A confluence of factors suggests that the globes were produced in Northern Italy, circa 1555-1565, which would make them the oldest surviving pair of globes of Italian origin. For a more information concerning these globes, please follow the links above.